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at vū, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

We’re committed to leveraging the most cutting-edge technology from industries across the board to move the production industry forward. With virtual production rising to the forefront of film, it is expected that by 2027, it will be the industry norm for studio production.

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We are the world’s fastest-growing network of studios specializing in virtual production of film, episodic and other television, advertising and corporate video needs.

stage 10

100 ft x 17 ft volume with over 16.4 million pixels and an 8k resolution

20 ft x 20 ft retractable ceiling featuring newly engineered translucent LED panels to allow lighting and theatrical effect to pass through

Embedded Mo-Sys StarTracker technology for advanced in-panel camera tracking

Studio A is also equipped with a producer’s viewing deck and Unreal Engine control nest operated by Nvidia graphics cards and an AMD threadrippers processor

stage 11

20 ft x 14 ft straight LED wall

Full lighting grid and reflective platform floor

Equipped with the Bolt Jr.+ high-speed, motion control robot for capturing precise camera moves at over 8 meters per second

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What if you could work in a studio where you could bring any environment – real or fictional – to life?

Whether it’s floating in space, launching fireworks, or exploring a rainforest, embrace the creative process while keeping budget under control. Achieve exactly what you want every time: a video asset that powerfully represents your vision and your brand.


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We’ve teamed up with industry-leading technology partners to make Vū the most advanced virtual studio network™ in the world.


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